Women Band Directors International (WBDI) represents women band directors of all pedagogical levels and years of experience from college students to retired directors.

It is the only international organization for women band directors featured toward promoting women, providing support and community, and mentoring women in the band field.

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  1. To foster a spirit of friendliness, fellowship, and cooperation among women band directors in the schools of America and abroad.
  2. To provide a common meeting ground for an exchange of ideas, methods, and problems relevant to women band directors.
  3. To provide encouragement, support, and mentorship for young women entering the instrumental music field.
  4. To develop comprehensive programs that will be of a musical and educational benefit to women band directors and their students.
  5. To work with administrators to provide the best music education possible and to provide for the equality of women in the profession.
  6. To cooperate with existing organizations whose demonstrated purpose is to further improve the band as a worthwhile medium of musical expression.

Women Band Directors International stands in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and adamantly opposes racism of any kind. As an organization, we stand with all women in our band community and are actively making organizational changes to foster true equity within our community. The recent tragic events, including the death of George Floyd, are both a painful flashpoint and explosive catalyst for conversations and change.

The executive board is taking immediate action to help promote these conversations and changes by establishing a committee on diversity, equity, and inclusion. This committee will comprise a diverse representation of WBDI members and will be charged to identify and provide feedback to the board on those elements that hinder us from being a truly inclusive and diverse organization. Based upon the feedback and recommendations, we will work together as a board and an organization to improve our service to, and support of all women of color, both current members and future women band directors who still do not see their identity reflected in who they see on the podium. We will identify ways to better support directors of band programs in underserved communities and we will actively identify and engage underrepresented composers. Together, we can make WBDI an organization that continually evolves to meet the needs of all its members.

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