The winner of Annual

WBDI Composition Competition

for Women Composers is

Laura Estes

Walking on Air

Program Notes:

Walking on Air Sometimes life can be tricky. But sometimes, everything magically falls into place and nothing can go wrong - almost like walking on air!

With a key signature of Concert Bb Major, young students will find Walking on Air an excellent introduction to interesting and uncommon accidentals not always present in a level 2 piece. Primarily using the Mixolydian mode with the addition of a lowered 6, the music playfully weaves between Bb Major and Bb Mixolydian, providing a fun and relaxing way for students to identify these modes aurally and visually. And along the way, there are several musical surprises for everybody's enjoyment. In this piece, there is something special for every student, so they can feel like they are walking on air!

I hope Walking on Air conveys a feeling of happiness and endless creative possibilities, and that you enjoy learning and performing it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Listen to a recording HERE!


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